Lesley & Greg were a match made in heaven for the R2 girls.  So when they officially asked us to be their Bahamas destination wedding photographer we knew we had hit the jackpot.  Not only would we get to cruise around with these two, visit a private island, shoot their wedding on a beautiful Bahamian beach & hang out with their families, we would be able to enjoy our first cruise together and see an island we have never been to.  Yes, we know our life is rough.  NOT!  We met Lesley & Greg through our wonderful friends (a former R2 couple) Sarah & Matt.  We shot their wedding a few years ago and then they moved to San Fransisco where Matt got a job working with Apple.  Well now insert Lesley who also works at Apple.  Yes, all these people are basically braniacs! (Greg works for Facebook-we got the tour and it’s basically like playing all day and getting paid to do it).  Matt basically  flaunted his R2 wedding photos & told Greg & Lesley they had to hire us.  A few emails, phone calls and some high fives later we were their destination wedding photographer! We flew to California to shoot their San Fransisco engagement photos, had some sushi, a few sips of sake and we instantly hit it off and then had to wait for their cruise wedding. This spring we flew to Miami (that’s a whole other story in itself), boarded the cruise ship and off we went to spend the next five days with their crew!  Enjoy checking out Lesley & Greg’s Bahama wedding and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Remember, R2 will travel to your destination wedding to be your photographer for the cost of the trip.  Oh and you also have to promise to do a day after session (for free!)


CococayBahamas Destination Wedding

Cruise Destination Wedding

We did a first look on the actual cruise ship the day before the wedding.  To say it was a spectacular view and setting would be an understatement. Cruise Destination Wedding


Here is the ship landing on Cococay.  This is the private island for the Royal Caribean ship we took on our journey to the Bahamas. We photographed several wedding photos on this island all while everyone else watched it go down. Cococay Destination Wedding Cococay Destination Wedding Cococay Bahamas Destination Wedding


Cococay was full of culture & vibrant colors.  A perfect setting for us to photograph their day before the wedding photos.  Where else can you find this…is this for real? Bahamas Beach Destination Wedding


They started a water fight which soon turned into a full fledged “I’m going to win this” game of water splashing.  Then it turned romantic as you see in the image below. Bahamas Beach Destination Wedding 2014-06-12_0010

nassau bahamas wedding

v 2014-06-12_0012 Bahamas Destination Wedding Bahamas Destination Wedding poopdeck bahamas wedding

nassau bahamas wedding nassau bahamas wedding poopdeck bahamas wedding

nassau bahamas wedding

Cruise Destination Wedding