Say hello to Cami & Will!  I am sure you have already seen them all over our R2 page but now I get to brag about their Hotel Valley Ho photos from their exclusive R2 vogue session.  We are tight with these two since doing their  Downtown Tempe Engagement session to their Phoenix Palomar Wedding.  They also made an appearance at our own wedding in Kauai.  YAY!  These two are an incredible part of our R2 family & our own personal lives.  Hotel Valley Ho is a modern, yet old, retro , swanky hotel in Scottsdale.  C & W wanted a sexy vogue session that would also be styled in a way that they would do a typical date night.  So we started outside Valley Ho for their photos and then took it inside.  You will see the photography get more personal as you go down the blog.  So sit back, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the images from Cami & Will’s Hotel Valley Ho photography session.

Images by Robin of The R2 Studio

Hotel valley ho wedding Hotelvalleyho-10 Hotelvalleyho-17 Hotelvalleyho-27 Hotelvalleyho-53b Hotelvalleyho-92 Hotelvalleyho-97 Hotelvalleyho-56b Hotelvalleyho-191 Hotelvalleyho-65 Hotelvalleyho-61 Hotelvalleyho-118 Hotelvalleyho-143 Hotelvalleyho-131 Hotelvalleyho-144b Hotelvalleyho-49 Hotelvalleyho-164 Hotelvalleyho-149b Hotelvalleyho-196 Hotelvalleyho-186b Hotelvalleyho-202