Megan & Casey were married on a windy day in Arizona but still managed to party it up hard for their Eagle Mountain Golf Resort Wedding. Not only are they stunningly gorgeous, they both have amazing hearts and their love for each other is infectious.  Megan is quiet and calm while Casey is outgoing and loves to laugh.  There are some crazy pics we can’t show but just know they exist-and we can blackmail Casey.  We had our entire team working on their wedding which included the R’s, our assistant Andy and our video team.  So while we were running all over the place photographing their Eagle Mountain wedding we managed to enjoy their day and bask in the moment with them.  You will also notice that there are several images of just the two of them as they allowed us to buffer in an hour of time to photograph their couples photos.  We managed to create some amazing candid, romantic and some editorial portraits of them on their wedding day. Have fun taking a peek at M & C’s Eagle Mountain Golf Resort wedding captured by The R2 Studio.



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2014-05-21_0020 Eagle Mountain Golf Wedding 2014-05-21_0021 Eagle Mountain Golf Wedding 2014-05-21_0024

2014-05-21_0025 Eagle Mountain Golf Wedding Eagle Mountain Golf Wedding

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