We really can’t tell you how much we LOVE being Phoenix Wedding Photographers.  For reals!  Like this is the real deal kind of job.  One you wake up out of bed all excited to start.  Well sometimes before we even get out of bed….checking emails, talking about our “to do list”, checking our calendar events for the day.  Then October hits!  We are officially dubbing this “we become alcoholics month” (please don’t be offended I said that) Ok, not really but a nightly drink does help.  So with 4 fabulous October weddings and a November full of weddings also, we feel like we have neglected you.  So here is our October in a nutshell.  Are you ready?


Our nephew Baby Tristen was born this month so we are aunties again!



We are crazy!  Yes, in the middle of a full kitchen remodel.  It’s almost done & we will post some after pics.  Thank God we have two kitchens in our house otherwise this really would have sucked.



Trying to keep our family together is important to us. Yes, we work from home BUT it is still an 8-5 kind of job.  So, as soon as we shut our office doors, family time begins.  Here we went with our oldest & our youngest for an Oreganos dinner.



Most of you know we went to cancun!  Well, we wish we were there again so I just threw this in for fun.



In the middle of the day, our little man Austin came to us and said “Mommie’s, can we have a popcorn picnic?” So, being the good moms we are, we stopped what we were doing and watched a movie and had a popcorn picnic. 2013-11-06_0007


Schnepf farms was a good idea in our brains but it cost too much money, was hot, and we didn’t have enough water but at least we had some family time.  Don’t judge the pics-we never take our pro cameras anywhere else but on our paid jobs. 2013-11-06_0008


We also shot 2 amazing engagement session in Flagstaff! 2013-11-06_0009


Shot a gender reveal for our past couple Crystal & Ricky along with a video! 2013-11-06_0010

R2 also gifted two same sex families a photography session in Tucson.  You know we are all about marriage equality but we also feel like LGBT families need a place to go that’s accepting of their family as well! Erin & Gayle and Krystal & Renee were the lucky families we chose!

same sex family photographer tucson


And Liz, who can forget our new photog, Liz.  We took their family out into the woods…haha….and did their Flagstaff family photos.  What a crazy group these guys are. 2013-11-06_0011

3 Phoenix and Flagstaff Senior sessions…… 2013-11-06_0012


4 Amazing weddings all with our new R2 Video Team….. The R2 Studio - Arizona Wedding Photographers with Mad Skills


And then Halloween!



This about sums it up, well kind of.  There were also about 8 trips to Phoenix, a few “secret” shoots we can’t talk about, some amazing date nights with some R2 couples & lots of beer!  October always goes by so fast BUT now you can see why.


Unitl next time-



P.S. Yes, we are also planning our own wedding


P.S.S. I am slacking on posting about that but hey, it’s ok.  You will see something soon.