Being the crazy Phoenix wedding photographers that we are, it was time for a break.  And not just any break.  A break from our cell-phones, internet, our cameras, and our never ending thoughts that make our brains crazy.  You know what I mean, all the thoughts that keep you awake at night?  Well it was time to put an end to that, at least for a few days. Since we are Phoenix wedding photographers, we tend to have our cameras attached to our hips at all times.  So, we left our camera bag home and boarded a plane for 5 hours that sent us off into paradise….Cancun, to be exact.  I (Renee) have never been so this was my first time to Mexico.  And I also must mention that I have never been spoiled by an all-inclusive resort either.  I am not sure I can go back to paying for food & drinks ever again on vacation.  We stayed at the Valentin Imperial Maya.  All I can say was this place was AMAZING!  Like for reals amazing….if you are thinking of a honeymoon where all you do is relax in a lazy river, chill under a palapa on your own private beach, eat all the food you want (including Mexican, sushi, lobster, Italian) and have 8 bars to choose from everyday then this is the place! Robin & I did nothing but rest and relax….this was just what we needed before we begin our crazy wedding season.  So, here you go, a little peek into our 5 days in Cancun.

P.S. Like I said, we didn’t bring our cameras so these are all I-Phone images, and we are okay with that!

Cancun Vacation-Phoenix Wedding Photographers 2013-08-25_0002 2013-08-25_0003

Don’t be jealous just go for yourself!  We booked this vacation on on a crazy good deal.  Now its back to work for us tomorrow.

Love you all,

R&R-your crazy Phoenix Wedding Photographers